When & where can I see the rest of season 1?

Only episode 1 has been produced. We wish we could bring you the whole series right away but for now we’re looking worldwide for television and subscription streaming media providers who are passionate to make it with us.

How can I help get it made?

A suitcase full of large unmarked bills would come in handy, but if you can’t help us like that then the best thing would be to tweet & tag your favourite TV networks in support of the pilot using hashtag #s2cTV.

How popular can Subject to Change be?

As of September 2016, we have over 30,000 direct social media followers, 100,000 views of Ben’s Video Diaries, and 1,000,000 views of Episode 1 on YouTube (includes our official version and a third party bootleg copy).

Can’t this just be a web series?

Subject to Change has initially been developed as a high quality television drama production. We are looking at ways to affordably produce the series in a format that could also be available online.

What music is used in episode 1?

Our original theme and other composed music is by Chad Gock. Commercial music tracks are:

  • White Water by High Highs.
  • Secret by Missy Higgins (covered by Maryann Wright).
  • Youth by Daughter.

Where was episode 1 filmed?

Our principle location was the historic Fort Street High School in Sydney, Australia. The school has a mixture of public school architectural styles and we mostly used the newer buildings constructed in the 1960s to represent a typical run-down suburban high school. Some of our extras were students at this school. Other locations included parks & streets of Burraneer Bay in Sydney’s south and a nearby private house.

How can I get subtitles in my language?

Subtitles have been developed in a variety of languages (including English) by volunteers. Use the YouTube closed-caption/subtitle feature to activate subtitles in your language.

If you would like to contribute to subtitles in your own language, please email info@glowwormfilms.com.au and we can provide the timed transcript for translation.

How can I get cast in future episodes?

Follow us on social media and subscribe to our email list for casting announcements.

How do I stay in touch with the series and cast?

Follow us on social media and subscribe to our email list. Connect with us here:

  • Official twitter.com/s2c_tvseries instagram.com/s2c_tvseries
  • Aiden Debono twitter.com/AidenDebono instagram.com/aidendebono/
  • Maryann Wright twitter.com/mmaryannwright instagram.com/maryann555/
  • Katy Avery instagram.com/_katyavery/
  • James Ritchie twitter.com/jamesaritchie instagram.com/jamesaritchie/
  • Ashleigh Carmody twitter.com/CarmodyAshleigh
  • Erin Kebby twitter.com/erinkebby13
  • Sarry Habra twitter.com/SarryH93

I’m an educator and would like teaching resources.

Teacher 1 (Drew Fairley)

Email the producers via info@glowwormfilms.com.au with a description of your needs.

Where is the racial diversity?

The focus of our storytelling is sexuality and gender diversity. It just so happens Ben is a first generation Australian of non-Anglo parents, Karly likewise, and we have a typically Australian spread of ethnic diversity through supporting characters and in the school population. This will be more apparent in future episodes – only so much could be shown in the pilot episode. We’re a long way from Summer Bay.

How can I contact the production?

You can email the producers directly via info@glowwormfilms.com.au … while messages on social media platforms are all read, not all can be responded to.