Ben (Aiden Debono)

Shy and sensitive, Ben takes a while to open up to strangers and when he’s not online prefers the company of his two besties Karly and Evie. He’s super organised – bordering on OCD. He’s attracted to other guys but so far hasn’t shared this with anyone else.


Karly (Maryann Wright)

Karly is a classic tomboy and an ambitious soccer player having been selected for the state under 17s. When the headphones are on she’s listening to alt-rock, and music is her favourite subject. When they’re off she’s working her vulgar sense of humour on anybody within earshot.


Evie (Katy Avery)

Usually melodramatic, Evie can be a real drama queen although it’s often the consequence of dubious life choices. To be honest, she has a reputation of being a bit of a tramp! Evie can always find Ben’s shoulders for comfort in the rare occasion she needs support.


Ethan (James Ritchie)

 Ethan has a dark past and disguises it well beneath his boy-next-door appearance. He’s seen as a bit of an outsider when out with a larger crowd however his true self shines when he’s one on one.


Amanda (Ashleigh Carmody)

Seriously intelligent, Amanda can be a self-centred bitch at times.

Ms Pearson

Ms Pearson (Kate Worsley)

Music teacher and Karly’s mentor. Ms Pearson’s continually reporting to the Principal’s office.

Ms Karras

Ms Karras (Julia Ohannessian)

Ms Karras would rather be on the stage than in the drama classroom.


Bel (Erin Kebby)

Amanda’s sidekick.


Adam (JD Pinnington)

Ben’s fantasy. He says he has a girlfriend.


Rafiq (Sarry Habra)

Ben’s nemesis.

Maths Teacher

Teacher 1 (Drew Fairley)

His operatic teaching style brings life to a boring subject.

Health Ed Teacher

Teacher 2 (Scott Lee)

With a flamin’ long commute from Palm Beach every day, this junior teacher is struggling through his first year at Hedley High.